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Catrike User’s Guide

*Important: Please Read Before You Ride



This user’s guide is to help you enjoy your Catrike from the first ride, keep you safe and help understand your new performance trike. 


This is not a comprehensive user, service, repair, or maintenance manual. Please see your Catrike dealer for all service, repairs, or maintenance and additional information.  

Pre-Ride Check

  • Frame and spindles for any cracks or damage

  • Tires for proper inflation and wear

  • Brakes and shifting for functionality

  • Boom for tightness

  • Check for anything that may have worked its way loose like handlebars, adjustable seat bracket, swing arm, suspended spindles or wheels

Catrike Safety:

  • Make sure your boom is adjusted to your leg length by a Catrike dealer

  • All Catrikes are standard equipped with SPD Style Clipless pedals. We strongly recommend using clipless shoes for Catrike’s SPD pedals to attach your feet securely to the pedals. If you are uncomfortable with clipless pedals, we recommend a pedal with heel support and straps that hold the foot securely to the pedals. Your Catrike dealer can help you with alternative options. Important: Due to the forward placement of the crankset, if your feet are not secured to the pedals, they could slip off pedals and your leg can be pulled under the frame causing serious injury. 

  • All Catrikes come standard with safety flags that extend upwards above rider height to be visible to motorists, cyclist and pedestrians. Front and rear lights are also recommended. Always be visible! 

  • All Catrikes come with a rear-view mirror.  This is a useful tool to increase awareness of your surroundings.

  • Always ride under control. Use a safe speed for your ability when negotiating corners and going down hills. Your trike can tip over if turned too sharply for a given speed. When possible lean into your turns. Never lean the opposite way of turning. Catrikes have two brakes - one on the right front wheel and one on the left front wheel. The brake lever actuates each brake on the corresponding side. For smooth, controlled and safe braking, apply equal force to each lever. Just like on a bicycle, if you squeeze the brake levers in a panic situation, it can cause your front wheels to lock up and pitch you forward. Please take a moment to practice braking to better understand how your Catrike will perform in different stopping conditions.

  • Catrike model 700 (only) parking brake safety. After coming to a complete stop pull the microSHIFT parking lever toward you to engage the brake. Before pedaling again release the parking brake by pushing the lever all the way forward. Important: The microSHIFT parking brake actuator on the Catrike 700 should not be engaged while the Catrike is in motion. This is a parking brake only and is not intended to be used to slow or stop the 700. Using the parking brake to slow or stop the 700 could result in loss of control of the trike leading to injury.

Catrike Electric Assist Models:

  • We recommend electric assist eCatrike users should be 16 and older or have extensive training and adult supervision. 

  • Always disconnect the Bosch harness before folding the eCat Dumont, 5.5.9. or Trail. Folding a Catrike while the harness is connected can cause damage to the battery connection and harness.

Battery safety:

  • Be sure to review the original Bosch operating instructions for charger and rechargeable battery.

  • Keep the instructions. Make the instructions available to any other user.

  • Do not ship a rechargeable battery, as rechargeable batteries must be handled separately as hazardous goods.

  • Do not open, damage or repair the charger or the rechargeable battery.

  • Protect charger and battery from heat and strong sunlight.


Charging Safety:

  • Only use intact charger and rechargeable batteries.

  • Only use the specified charger for charging.

  • Choose an indoor location that is ventilated, dry, dust-free, and has a smoke detector.

  • Place the charger and the rechargeable battery on a fireproof surface when charging.

  • The charger, rechargeable battery and plug must not be in a damp or wet state.

  • Also check the contacts of the rechargeable battery. Moisture must not be allowed to condense on the rechargeable battery.

  • Do not cover charger and rechargeable battery with textiles or flammable material.

  • Do not leave a charging battery unattended for an extended period of time.


General Riding Safety Tips:

  • Obey all rules of the road and all local traffic laws. 

  • You are sharing the road or the path with others: motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists, respect their rights and interact in a safer manner. 

  • Ride defensively. Always assume that others do not see you.

  • Look ahead and stay alert to be ready to avoid accidents. 

  • Ride in designated bike lanes or on designated bike paths in the direction of traffic flow or as directed by local signage. 

  • Stop at stop signs and traffic lights; slow down and look both ways at street intersections. Be prepared to yield even if you have the right of way. 

  • Use approved hand signals for turning and stopping. 

  • Never ride with headphones. They mask traffic sounds and emergency vehicle sirens and distract you from concentrating on what’s going on around you.

  • Do not weave through traffic or make any moves that may surprise others.

  • Never ride your Catrike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  • Always wear a properly fitted cycling helmet.

  • Always ride safely and be aware of your surroundings.


General Care and Maintenance: 

  • Bring your Catrike to a certified mechanic at a minimum of once a year for a safety inspection and to determine if a tune up or any other maintenance is needed. 

  • Always keep your Catrike clean of dirt and debris.  

  • Avoid leaving your Catrike in the sun and rain for extended lengths of time. This can cause your paint to fade and your frame and components to corrode and malfunction.


If you have any questions about anything Catrike related, please contact your dealer or Catrike. 


Have fun! We hope you enjoy riding your Catrike!!

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