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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)





Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

Why a Catrike?

   Performance and comfort; recumbent riders generally experience no neck, shoulder, or back pain that is common to cyclists. Your weight is comfortably distributed throughout your back and the seat. Conventional bikes produce a lot of pressure on your seat, hands, arms and shoulders. Anyone can ride a Catrike. There are no balance issues, they are lightweight, low to the ground, and have a small frontal area so they are very aerodynamic and efficient. It is a different cycling experience; Catrikes have a go-cart feel and can be very fast. 

I am interested in a Catrike, how can I purchase and or get a test ride?

 As the manufacturer we support independent bike shops, so we only sell our Catrikes through our dealers. This also allows you to be able to test ride models and see what really is the best fit for your riding style. 

If you do not live within a reasonable distance of a dealer you may want to consider our online dealers,  Hostel Shoppe or Utah Trikes .

If you live in a country that we do not have a dealer in, Hostel Shoppe ships fully assembled Catrikes internationally.


 Find Dealer

Where do I find the Owner's Manual?

The owner's manual is the best reference for Catrike assembly, maintenance and tips. Find the owner's manual here.

I'm looking for the serial number, where can I find it?

The serial number is located on the main frame of your Catrike. The main frame is the largest diameter part of the frame and serial numbers are located towards the back of the Catrike behind/below the seat. 


The serial number on newer Catrikes is engraved into the frame, so, it is permanent and cannot be removed. On newer Catrikes the serial numbers are preceded by the Catrike logo and they are a 5 digit number like 25555. You might need to look closely as the serial numbers are engraved prior to powder coating/painting. 


On older generation Catrikes, the serial number was on a white adhesive backed label with black lettering. Older serial numbers begin with 3 letters followed by numbers like CTE1234.


See photos showing location of serial number on Catrikes in the owners manual. Find owners manual here.

What is the best way to transport a Catrike?

There are various trike hitch racks on the market. We recommend visiting: Hitch Rider, Alpaca Carriers, or Atoc
 Another option is to use a triple rail roof rack. Catrikes also fit easily in hatchback cars, station wagons, or mini vans with folding seats. All you have to do is roll the Catrike in backwards so that the rear wheel will fit between the front seats of the car. In some cases you may find it easier to keep the cranks between the seats. 

Why do Catrike pedals have two different sides?

Your Catrike comes standard with dual-sided pedals. We strongly recommend cycling shoes with SPD cleats.


Cycling shoes increase pedaling efficiency in several ways. They improve power transfer and allow you to push on one side and pull on the opposite side simultaneously naturally leading to a more efficient spinning of the cranks. This spinning of the cranks (as opposed to predominantly pushing) also reduces side to side sway caused by your pedal stroke.


Cycling shoes also increase safety. They make it easier to keep your feet on the pedals and reduce the potential for your foot to slip off the pedal while riding. 

I would like to put a different size wheel on my trike, any suggestions?

We do not recommend changing the wheel size on Catrikes. They are designed to use the wheel size that is specified. Changing wheel size can greatly affect the handling characteristics of your Catrike (i.e. brake steer, over or under steering and weight distribution).

Wheel Change on a Catrike 700

If you have a Catrike 700 the rear wheel may be changed to another 700c wheel. Please be advised that the dropouts on a 700 are 130mm and not 135mm. We do not advise trying to make the 135mm fit, it will damage the frame. 

I would like to purchase only the frame, can you do that?

We offer a Rolling Chassis on all Catrike models; it contains everything except your drive train, components and your brake system. Consult your dealer for pricing, replacement components and details.

Is a rear rack or any other cargo equipment or accessories available?

Yes, we offer the Racktime racks and the Arkel/Catrike bags which fit in the rear triangle of your Catrike (available on specific models only). They are great for carrying your gear. You can purchase these items through a Catrike dealer.

Is my Boom inserted correctly?

The boom can extend until the last marked measurement. If you pull it out farther than that it will create more stress on the clamp. Please be reminded that at least 5 inches of the boom must be inserted into the frame at all times. 


If a longer boom is needed you may want to order an XL boom through your dealer. If you are a shorter rider and need to decrease the size of your boom, you may push it in, or you may need to visit your Catrike dealer (or local bike shop) to cut the boom itself. Cut off only how much you need to fit the boom into the frame. As long as the riders heels never touch the frame while pedaling, you may shorten the boom to your desired length.

Lost my Quick Release?

To properly remove the quick release, loosen quick release lever and unscrew the outer black (silver on older models) axle nut. Remove skewer and spring. Set aside parts in order for reassembly. To avoid losing your axle nut please make sure that everything is securely tightened.

Lost your quick release? Catrike Online Store

The black axle nut is compatible with older silver nut if you are in need of a replacement. 

If I have an issue, what options do I have?

First check with your Catrike Dealer or your local bike shop to help with any issue you may have. 


If you need to contact Catrike, click here and complete the form or give us a call. 

Brake Lever Options

Each of our models comes with the standard Catrike Velcro closure parking brake. Out of personal preference many riders change their parking brakes to locking levers. Your or your mechanic will need to do adjustments after installation to make sure everything is functioning properly. Visit your local bike shop or Catrike dealer to discuss your options. 

Want new straps? Catrike Online Store

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