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The Catrike Story

Catrike was created in 2000 by Paulo Camasmie, a Brazilian Mechanical Engineer.

Paulo always dreamed of designing, engineering and manufacturing new quality products to improve people's lives. Catrike is the fruit of that vision. The desire and pursuit of building the best possible recumbent trike.


The Catrike has received so far 6 awards for the Trike of the Year by the readers of Bent Rider Online. Catrike has also been elected in 2008 the Manufacturer of the Year under 100 employees by the Manufacturer Association of Central Florida, and in 2009 the Manufacturer of the Year under 125 employees by the Manufacturers Association of Florida.


At Catrike we focus on product development, engineering and process design. The result are great products that look fantastic, work beautifully and flawlessly, require very low maintenance, are user friendly, and sure to provide many years of fun and pleasure at an affordable price. As a consequence of that, we are making over 2,300 trikes and bikes every year and growing steadily.


Our passion for design & engineering is reflected in our product, which speaks for itself. A good example is the breakthrough design of the Catrike Space Frame, fully triangulated and an impressive relation of strength, stiffness and weight, and its "magic carpet" like ride & handling.


Be Excellent at Core

Focus on Catrike tadpole trikes and be the inspiration of the market.

Only Truly Great Products

That we can make a difference. Clean distinctive designs backed by rigorous engineering and detail.

World Class Manufacturing

Professional team, streamline and automation of core processes.


Compatible with the true value of our quality and ethically made products.

Inclusive Marketing

Catrike lifestyle spread throughout Catrike dealers worldwide.

Fiscal and Social Responsibility

Share vision with a clear direction. Earn the trust of people.

Grow with Excellence

Evolve with focus and remain humble.

Ride Catrikes as much as we can!

Our Vision


Production is one of our main areas of strength. We make our frames in house in our facilities in Florida using a production system process we developed ourselves. This system is based on lean manufacturing, but adapted and perfected to our needs. We focus on simplicity, reliability, flow and visual controls which makes us a benchmark in manufacturing. We have a great control over quality and an always expanding know how in product design based on the experience of actually making them ourselves. We call our system "Flow Manufacturing" or informally "The Cat way".


The future is bright for Catrike as we have several new exciting products in our R&D queue, and we have a wonderful team of people working in this company.

Try it for yourself at one of our 140 selected dealers and experience the exhilarating feeling of riding a Catrike.

  • 2011

The Catrike Villager and Trail introduced with our 2nd generation space frame adjustable seat back.

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year" for the Villager

  • 2010

Our first Catbike, the Musashi, was introduced

  • 2009

Awarded the "Florida Manufacturer of the Year" by the MAF

Our first kids Catrike, the Dash, was introduced

  • 2008

Awarded the "Central Florida Manufacturer of the Year" by the MACF

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year" for the Villager

The Catrike Villager was introduced

  • 2007

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year"

The Catrike 700 was introduced

The Catrike Expedition was introduced

The Catrike Trail was introduced

Awards & Timeline

  • 2006

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year"

  • 2005

Our first Catrike Rally & Factory Tour

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year"

The Catrike Pocket was introduced

  • 2004

Moved into a 6,000sq.ft warehouse

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year" for the Road

  • 2003

Awarded the BentRider Online "Trike of the Year"

The Catrike Speed was introduced

  • 2002

The Catrike Road was introduced

  • 2000

Our very first model, the Catrike C2000, was introduced

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