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Safety Warnings and Updates

2013 Catrikes with black aluminum spindles (see images below) and serial numbers within the ranges shown below require a mandatory spindle upgrade: 



Serial Number Range







If your serial number is in the range above and you have black aluminum spindles please contact your Catrike dealer to get your spindles replaced. You can also contact Catrike directly if you need to make other arrangements for replacement. This spindle upgrade is required (not optional) as a very important safety precaution. The upgrade is free to customers with black aluminum spindles with Catrike serial numbers in the ranges above.  

Black Aluminum Spindle
(with serial number in the range)
Replacement Required

If the spindles on your Catrike look like those shown below on the left and your serial number is in the range above, contact your Catrike dealer today to schedule replacement

Silver Cromoly Steel Spindle (with serial numbers in the range)

No replacement needed

If the spindles on your Catrike look like those shown below on the right, no spindle replacement needed (even in the case where your serial number is in the range above)

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